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01. Glee Kissing- Fi... - 241280
02. Kiss In The Rain - 24277
03. Dry Kiss - 23000
04. Crazy Kiss Racer - 22254
05. Kiss The Groom - 18863
06. Kiss In Park - 17111
07. High School Swee... - 16035
08. Kissing During W... - 15472
09. Kiss Or Miss - 15156
10. Horse Stable Kis... - 14441
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Horse Stable KissingKiss Or Miss
Kiss EvolutionKiss In The Rain
Throw A KissCrazy Kiss Racer
Kissing Games
Glee Kissing- Finn Hudson Glee Kissing- Finn Hudson
Here is your chance to get a smooch from the dreamy Glee star Finn Hudson. Don't let the paparazzi catch you two locking lips or you will be front page news.
Crazy Kiss Racer Crazy Kiss Racer
Drive as far as possible before you crash. You can kiss your girl during the game to earn points, but you can't control your car when you are kissing!
Throw A Kiss Throw A Kiss
Throw a kiss at the sad boy. You have to go through a lot of difficult levels in this game.
Kiss Or Miss Kiss Or Miss
A fun Game. You have to throw a kiss. If it bounces off the opposite sex your kiss will go a greater distance. See how far will your kiss go.
Kiss In The Rain Kiss In The Rain
The couple want to kiss. Its raining. Hold the umbrella over their head to Make them kiss. If anyone stares hold the umbrella over them to divert their attention.
Kiss In Park Kiss In Park
Let the couples kiss but do not get caught by her dad. If People stare at the two of you activate diversion. Fill the kissing meter bar.
Kiss Evolution Kiss Evolution
Kiss the girl sitting next to you. Don't let your teacher catch you. Click the mouse and hold to kiss.
Kiss Call Kiss Call
Its the era of telephones. Help Casanova call his lady love and give her a kiss.
Kiss The Groom Kiss The Groom
The best part of a wedding is kissing the bride. Help this groom to kiss his bride before she gets the cold feet.
High School Sweethearts High School Sweethearts
Two high school students are in love but they are too nervous to kiss. You have to help them in their first kiss. Complete the simple maze and let the two lips meet.
Dry Kiss Dry Kiss
Kiss your girlfriend without getting wet as a naughty boy is trying to distract you using a water hydrant. Don't get noticed by anyone.
Cinema Kiss Cinema Kiss
Kiss you date while watching a movie. Don't let anyone see you kissing. If you are caught you will be kicked out of the theater.
Kiss In Class Kiss In Class
You are enchanted by the new girl in your class. You can't resist her. Kiss her when the teacher is not watching. Do not get caught.
Baby Kiss Baby Kiss
This Baby is very naughty and he wants to kiss the cute baby girls. Help him fulfill his desires.
Flying Kiss Flying Kiss
Love is all around. Give your love a flying kiss and set him free. Make sure there are no obstacles.
Vampire Love Vampire Love
Meet your Vampire Lover in the middle of the night in a castle and kiss. Fill the kissing meter before time runs out.
Cassanova Kisser Cassanova Kisser
Blow kisses at the pretty girls but don't kiss the wrong people.
Kiss Off Kiss Off
find your hottie down the hall. Avoid the smokers or you will lose points.
Screen Kiss Screen Kiss
You are invited to a reality show . Keep your eye on the girl and guess her position.
Kissing During Work Kissing During Work
Kissing at work is a no-no. Don't let your boss catch you as you kiss your colleague.
Flying Kiss Flying Kiss
Left click to fly. Avoid obstacles and try to get as far as you can.
Horse Stable Kissing Horse Stable Kissing
Hold and kiss. The longer the kiss the more points you get. Don't let the Boss catch you. Earn 1,000 points within 200 seconds to beat the game!

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01. Horse Stable Kis... - 5
02. Flying Kiss - 5
03. Kissing During W... - 5
04. Screen Kiss - 5
05. Kiss Off - 5
06. Cassanova Kisser - 5
07. Vampire Love - 5
08. Flying Kiss - 5
09. Baby Kiss - 5
10. Kiss In Class - 5
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